Female Empress Denarius Cufflinks in 18ct Gold
  • Female Empress Denarius Cufflinks in 18ct Gold


    In ancient Rome the wife of a Roman emperor, a Roman empress, often appeared on their coinage. The first woman to do so was Fulvia Flacca Bambula, who married the famous Mark Antony. After the assassination of Caesar, the Roman mint in Lyon struck silver coins depicting the goddess of Victory with the features of Fulvia, making her the first living Roman woman to appear on a coin. This tradition of wives of important Romans continued throughout the Roman era.


    This custom pair of cufflinks have been fully hand made in Scotland and contain a pair of denarii as well as a pair of small Taiwanese coins making up the back. The coins are expertly set in an 18ct gold claw with a linking chain.


    This pair is a one off, but pairs with different coins can be custom made.


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